A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Please be advised: This is a technical prototype and will not be developed further.

2D shooter with roleplaying elements

This is a prototype which originated from the Ludum Dare Game. It was enhanced and polished.

I would appreciate any feedback you have:




Current Features:

- handpainted graphics
- twin stick shooter gameplay
- playable with mouse/keyboard or Gamepad
- local coop: drop in / drop out anytime


Game switches smoothly between Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad.


WASD/Arrow Keys: Movement
Mouse: Look
Left Mouse Button: Shoot
Space/Right Mouse Button: Switch weapon
E/Return: Use scene item/Loot special items


Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Look
Left or Right Trigger: Shoot
Left or Right Bumper: Switch weapon
Action Button (A): Use scene item/Loot special items

F2: Singleplayer
F3: Local Coop: Mouse + Gamepad
F4: Local Coop: Gamepad + Gamepad

What could have been:

- variation in shooter gameplay with a multitude of handcrafted arenas enhanced with procedural generation
- master melee and a multitude of ranged weapons
- each arena champion comes with his own personality and special ability
- singleplayer campaign that takes you trough a series of renowned arena domes and beyond
- between the fights, wander through the catacombs and talk to the inhabitants
- take decisions regarding civilian audience and guards you meet on your way to the top or on your way out

Install instructions

Unpack the zip and start the corresponding executable.


indomitable_linux.zip 25 MB
indomitable_macosx.zip 24 MB
indomitable_windows.zip 13 MB